Hey, I am a programmer. I used to do a lot of action script and find it fairly simple to program in. I have also been taking java for several months. If any of you are looking to turn your flash creations into video games, I am your man. I program in Macromedia Flash MX action script, but I am willing to get the latest version of flash and program in 3.0 if that's what it takes. My only requirement is that I get a cut of the ad revenue or profit if you plan on making any. Other than that I will work for free. If you require proof I can program in action script, here is an old sample of a discontinued video game I was working on.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/170509 /47775_GreenRPG.php

In this game you can:
-use the mouse to click on the blue character for a quest.
-encounter random battles inside the fencing area
-collect coins and items
-view your character card
-sleep in the little house to the left

I am also willing to program:
-Fighting games
-Dating Sims
-Or anything else that comes to mind!

That was programmed a while ago and was fairly simple for me to do. I used it as an exercise to learn action script back when I made it. I look forward to hearing from any of you out there, thank you.

To contact me, please pm me and I will provide further contact information.

If you interested in doing a hentai game please contact me at the AIM adress MasterOfSprites. I also have a skype account called MasterOfAMVs. So far the game is in early design, but the idea is this game is going to be a game for all sexualities. Both sexes will be able to play it. So I am going to need an artist that can draw up a town, several backgrounds, and both sexes. This will be a dating sim. Thank you.

Power of Three Coder Here

2009-05-20 22:29:32 by TheMasterOfSprites

I am a coder and would like to join the power of three. If anyone is interested here is an updated version of my latest game http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/170509 /47775_GreenRPG.php . In this demo you can:

collect objects
receive a quest from the blue stick
sleep at your house in the lower left corner
engage in random battles inside the fenced area.

Thank you for your time.

So, lately, I have been hard at work making my new game. I plan for it to be a Medieval Stick Figure RPG. It will be a free roaming world complete with cut scenes, random battles, and a small leveling system. In the end I want it to be better than current RPGs out or at least meet their standards. Here is a little alpha 2 days into the programming process of the basic game: http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/240309 /7072_GreenRPG.php
As for Head Quarters Agent 2, I am putting the project on indefinite hold. The first one wasn't that great and the second one didn't look like it was too promising either. It was a good concept but the gaming engine wasn't good in either of them. Instead I want to shift my project to the Medieval RPG, a much more complex gaming engine.
There are no other sprite or stick projects in the works, and I have just been working on learning Action Script for the past year or so. If any of you have any ideas of any features I should include in the game, I would love to hear them.

Hey guys, hah!

2007-08-20 00:07:42 by TheMasterOfSprites

I have returned and I am making a new movie, more info later.